woensdag 26 juni 2013

Real Wedding: Marrit ♥ Mark

For their wedding, Marrit and Mark from Utrecht wanted a stylish letterpress invitation with a blue handpainted flower and curly typography. In daily life, Marrit is an art therapist so she's a very creative person herself. For her marriage, she designed beautiful jewels for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and she asked me to make little gift bags to wrap them. It's always fun for me creating those extra little things, I love it when the table styling matches the invitations completely.

I met this sweet couple in Octobre 2012 (I also designed their save-the-date cards). So we worked together for quite a long time. They came to my house and I went to theirs, we drank cappuccino and ate chocolat bread together. So they're in my heart and I wish them all the luck of the world.

Foto's letterpress printing: Polyprint

donderdag 13 juni 2013

Real Wedding: MaryAllen ♥ Jelle

Never thought I would ever design a wedding invitation suite without talking to the bride! This groom prooved that also men can handle with papers, colors, envelopes, twine, etc. while the bride is a 1000 miles away. MaryAllen (living in Nashville) and Jelle (living in Ghent) met at the Bonnaroo festival in Nashville while Jelle was travelling through the USA. Because he's a real gentleman, Jelle invited MaryAllen to come to the Werchter Festival in Belgium. And she said "yes"! From that summer on, they kept on travelling between Nashville and Ghent, missing each other from the moment they got home again. But now they are tying the knot! And she will say "yes" again... I wish them a lovely Belgian and American wedding, a romantic festival summer and lots of travelling together!

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