donderdag 17 oktober 2013

Save-the-date: the pros!

In Belgium we're not used to send save-the-date cards. When we are engaged, we tell our parents "live" about the great news and our best friends hear about it on a night out. Most couples don't want to invest in sending  a save-the-date-card and save their budget for the invitations. So I think it's time to give some reasons why you, Belgian bride or groom, should choose for a save-the-date!

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1. Probably your family and friends will ask "When are you getting married again?" a thousand times in the months after the engagement, like it's no big deal. Don't think they write it down in their agenda. With a beautiful designed save-the-date you can give them something to stick on the fridge.

2. A save-the-date works as a trigger for your invitation (which is a trigger for your wedding day). Your guests catch a glimpse of the total atmosphere and style of your wedding. From the moment they receive the save-the-date card, they will be curious about the venue, the dress, the food, etc. And as a bride, it's so much fun to know everything and to share nothing!

3. Do you want a low budget save-the-date? Why not sending it by email or creating a private event on facebook? It's also the ideal way to collect all the addresses from your guests. My clients Veerle & Stijn decided to do it that way.

Well, I hope I convinced the Belgians, but what about save-the-date cards in your country? Please let me know!

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